AIRbarre Yoga Teacher Training - what is it?
Book 1
An AIRvolution 10-Key Luxury Home Workout for Mind, Body, and Spirit

AIRbarre Aerial Yoga is based around the aerial hammock as a unique tool to help exercise body, mind, and spirit, through a structured 10-key program. Learn how to harness the immense benefits of aerial inversions safely and securely, sequence timing as well as improve strength and flexibility. Feel the effect of enhanced blood flow through the cardiovascular system and the brain, releasing pleasure chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins. Sleep better than ever, and be calm, fulfilled, and focused.

Book 2
A Luxury Home Workout
An AIRvolution 10-Key Luxury Home Workout for Mind, Body, and Spirit

AIRfitness is an advanced modern fitness system that does not rely on heavy weights and expensive machines. Using the aerial hammock to help support and define, in combination with cardio, strength, body weight training – achieve overall body fitness and fine muscle development. AIRfitness produces a slim and cut, yet still powerfully built physique - stability, flexibility and balance. Everybody can benefit from AIRfitness workouts!

Book 3
A Luxury Home Workout
An AIRvolution 10-Key Luxury Home Workout for Mind, Body and Spirit

AIRballet Aerial ballet performance and choreography program provides a total body conditioning workout to tone up the muscles and a super elegant posture. Dreaming of becoming an angel queen? Improve strength, balance, and performance - under the protection and support offered by the AIRballet programme hammock. This program helps develop self-confidence and creativity. With this program the student will gain a sense of achievement and success second to none - that can be taken into all areas of life!

Book 4
AIRballet Kids
A Unique Aerial Activity Program for Kids

AIRballet Kids helps teach your kids elegance and discipline in a super fun program. The energy in the room is full of happiness and joy. The kids also get the many benefits of upside down inversions in a safe environment.

Course structure:
A series of 3-level 12-month training programs designed to equip the student with the skills needed to become a professional AIRbarre aerial yoga instructor and business owner
Level 1: Foundation - principles, techniques, 10-key philosophy
Level 2: Core - strength, discipline, sequencing,
Level 3: Elegance - music construction, creativity, meditation

3 levels over 12 months, each level is 7 days
Self-practice in between the 3 course levels
Weekly online or private session support from AIRbarre instructors

This training package is for you if you:
Are passionate about aerial yoga
Aspire to set up your own studio or acquire new skills
Have time to invest
Have a source of funds

What you get:
Comprehensive coursebook, including training manual and AIRbarre 10-key philosophy
3x 7-day training course levels, spaced through 12 months
1-year subscription to exclusive AIRbarre website, digital library with ongoing new content, videos and articles, new aerial positions and sequences, and regular live exclusive teacher training and Q&A sessions

Investment benefits:
Certification (after completion of all 3x 7-day course levels - Foundation. Core, Elegance)
Business growth opportunity
Improved job prospects through unique skillset acquisition
Networking with like-minded people from all over the world
Becoming part of the unique AIRbarre global community
Health, strength, and a beautifully defined body shape
Self-discipline, motivation, and drive
Skills to become a successful aerial yoga instructor or business owner