AIRbarre Weekend Workshops

What it is:
  • Discover your potential to live healthy, live long, live happily and launch your luxury journey and improve your work/life balance
  • AIRvolution Workshops are targeted workshops and panel discussions covering specific topics designed to elevate the participants in their personal life objectives. These include: Focus; Abundance; Stability; Balance; Intuition, Meditation, and others - in a luxury villa accommodation with good nutrition, exercise, and networking with like-minded people

  • 3 days, 2 nights (Friday-Sunday), monthly but flexible

This retreat is for you if you:

  • Have a busy lifestyle and seek time-management support to learn and develop new skills
  • Seek personal growth in personal target areas
  • Are looking for a lifestyle reboot, rebalancing of work-play
  • Need guidance towards crystallizing their life vision
  • Are business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, seekers of achievement and networking


  • AIRvolution 10-key lifestyle assessment
  • Workshop lectures
  • Individual personal target sessions
  • Accommodation in a luxury villa retreat
  • Daily exercise
  • Juice, smoothies, protein shakes, coffee, fruit, breakfast, lunch
  • One-night celebration dinner for the group at AIRbarre villa
  • One-night dinner for the group at an inspirational restaurant


  • 1-hour daily aerial workout (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Daily food & nutrition
  • Breakfast
  • Juice/smoothie/coffee
  • 2x snacks
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Workshop lectures, group, and individual sessions
  • One 90-min massage at AIRbarre Spa
  • Celebration dinner (Friday)
  • Elegant dinner at the inspirational restaurant (Saturday)

Investment Value Proposition:

  • Retreat and course materials
  • Luxury Accommodation at AIRbarre School*
  • Pricing: THB 37,500 (approx. USD 1,000)
*2 nights & 3 days including meals, transport, and drinks in the luxury AIRbarre School Blue villa. Discount applicable to some rooms or shared rooms.


  • Monthly retreats are held on the third weekend of every month, subject to a minimum of four students per workshop
  • Reservations waitlist applications and pre-assessment through the AIRbarre school website